A flooded basement usually occurs because rain water from the ground floods underneath your home. A flooded basement can turn into flooding your whole home, if the rains are bad and your pump is not working. The flood will affect your home’s structural integrity. Overtime, molds and such will infest your home, leading to all kinds of problems.
Bottomline is that a flooded basement is bad. Here’s what you need to do when you have one.
Turn off the Plumbing
First step is to put off your water valve. While the most common cause of a flooded basement is rains, it can also be caused due to a plumbing leak. If the cause is a sweage backup, you want to avoid using the plumbing system as the waste water will collect in your basement.
Put the Power off
There is a high chance that there are electrical currents flowing through the water. You can dip your toe in to check for electrical currents, but you are more likely to get shocked, so don’t do it!
It’s safer to just switch off the power and prevent any kind of short circuit.
Examine it
No need to walk through the water, you can rely on your eye sight to gain information from the basement flood. Examine the damage caused by the flood. You might want to take a few pictures and make notes on the damage caused for your home insurance. Check if you can see what is causing the flood.
Call a Plumber
A basement flood is not a problem that you should try to solve on your own. Get in touch with a professional plumber from Pro Plumbing. Our emergency service ensures that we always have a plumber on standby.
Our plumbers are trained and equipped to deal with basement floods.
Get in touch with the Insurance Company
The longer you wait to call your insurance company, the lower the chance you can claim coverage; so you need to get in touch with them when you notice the problem. Also, get all your insurance papers ready.
Next time Be Ready
A flooded basement will cost you; not just financially, but it will also take time to solve. Have a plumbing service maintain your plumbing system regularly and prevent basement floods. Apart from ensuring that your plumbing system is working fine, a plumber will also ensure that your basement is water tight and the pump is working.
A basement flood can happen to anybody, use these tips to deal with it.

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