Plumbing is a foggy profession and people often never know if their problems have been resolved or not. Their only respite is to believe in their plumber. Poor service has stretched the customer’s patience to its limits.

​Surely plumbing must be a one-time solution and not a monthly routine. Earlier people had no choice but to be content with the shoddy job of the local plumber. Luckily today they have nothing but choices. Here are a few things your plumber should be doing right or it’s high time you got yourself a new one.

Not Working at a time of your choosing

Customer care is about making the customer happy and a quality plumber provides good customer care. Working during the time of your choosing is something you shouldn’t even have to ask for.

Recurring issues

Plumbers have a duty to resolve your issues once and for all. If you find yourself paying for the same plumbing work repeatedly, you are being swindled. Repeated plumbing issues will tire your patience and lighten your pockets. Plus, negligent plumbing work may also cause serious accidents in your household.

Plumbing supplies

Care to fix a problem yourself but the plumber refuses to bring you the supplies? Advice on the kind of plumbing supplies to be bought, where to buy them, and which ones will fit your home faucet is his job. There is no reason why he cannot divulge this information to you other than greed.


A plumber might change the rate depending on the service he delivers. Informing the customer of this before the job happens is important. The customer feels cheated if he pays more than he had intended too for the work done. If a nominal rate isn’t agreed on then there can be no trust.


Quite a few plumbers say that the problem is easy to fix and assure their customers in the beginning. Later on, they inform them that due to unforeseen circumstances they missed a key aspect, and that more costs and time will be required. Eventually the problem is fixed but requires twice the time. Experts alwaysidentify the problem, costs and time required accurately, and then move on to solve it.

Lack of knowledge

Sometimes local plumbers who are unable to resolve complex issuespass the baton to other professionals. They are still paid a hefty sum for trying. Essentially they have failed and require compensation for the time.

Poor quality service of plumber has left many people with lighter pockets and no respite from their plumbing problems. If you feel that you have faced similar problems with your own plumber, get a new one!

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