Picking the right air-conditioner is a decision of significant importance. You must make sure that the air-conditioner has sufficient capacity to cool a specific room size which will provide the required amount of comfort and protection from the summer heat to you and your family.


Here are a few factors that you should take into consideration before deciding which type of air-conditioner will suit your requirements best.

  1. The size of your room.
  2. The energy-efficiency of your air-conditioning unit.
  3. Your home’s electrical system and whether or not it is capable of meeting the unit’s power requirements.


The Right Size:

Whether you go for a window air-conditioner, a split air-conditioning system, or a central system, an air-conditioner that is too small will not keep your home sufficiently cool. However, just like you don’t want an undersized air-conditioner, you also don’t want an oversized one, because it will only waste expensive energy and apply undue strain on the compressor.

This is why it is so important to choose an air-conditioner that is built for the size of your room. Hire a contractor who will determine the optimum size for your home by making a careful study of your cooling requirements. Window dimensions and exposure, floor space, insulation, and local climate are all factors that need to be taken into consideration before making a purchase.

The Right Efficiency:

The manufacturers of today are required by law to evaluate and rate their equipment according to its energy efficiency. This rating is known in the industry as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, or SEER.

While air-conditioning models equipped with high SEER are generally on the expensive side, they are also a much better investment than low-efficiency units, because they will save you money on energy bills, and will last for a longer period of time. The standard models of today carry a SEER of at least 13, but if you find one with a higher SEER, then do not hesitate to go for it, given that it fulfills the rest of your requirements.

Are the Electrical Requirements Fulfilled?

There are three main electrical requirements to consider before buying an air-conditioner:

  • The electrical outlet must be within reach of the line cord.
  • The voltage requirements must be satisfied.
  • The required number of amps must be available in the electrical circuit.

If you find an air-conditioner unit that meets with all of these essentials, then without a second thought, you should go for it. Since air-conditioners can be too heavy to handle alone, ensure that you have some assistance during installation to avoid injuries of any kind. The best people to call for assistance in these matters are the professionals at Pro Plumbing. Not only will they assist you with the installation of the unit, they will also give you tips on how to maintain the unit properly.

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