In search of a reliable source for artificial heating in your home? In-floor heating system has their own unique strengths and benefits. There are a few key areas in which the underfloor heating outperforms any other type of home heating systems.

With so many advantages of underfloor heating, it’s no surprise that it is one of the rapidly growing home improvement projects in Canada. Apart from saving money on your heating bills, the in-floor heating system has many other benefits.

For all those interested in having more knowledge about the various advantages that are offered by underfloor heating, here are some key benefits.


The in-floor heating system design provides the top level comfort at an even temperature throughout. The heat radiates in the upward direction delivering the most efficient heat quality by first warming the lower areas and by leaving the upper sections of the room at moderate temperatures. This enables you to walk around your floor comfortably in bare feet, even in winter.

Compared to other home heating systems, underfloor heating provides more comfort as there is no noise. Also, there is no annoying ticking as the pipes do expand in the floor voids.

Low maintenance

Nothing much can go wrong as there are no moving parts to an in-floor heating system. If it is installed correctly, any potential leaks will have been identified at an early stage during the pressure testing of the pipes and dealt with efficiently. As a result, one of the major advantages of underfloor heating is that you do not incur regular maintenance costs like the other traditional home heating systems.

Space & design

One more example of underfloor heating advantages is that it allows you to design your home to suit your needs rather than that of your heating engineer. Every little space of your home is heated evenly without the in-floor heating system design being visible. You have the freedom to locate your furniture anywhere you desire, according to your lifestyle needs and not your heating system as the in-floor heating system do not eat up any space in your home.

Healthy & hygienic

The In-floor heating system is recommended by one of the world’s leading Asthma organizations as there is absolutely no dust and the underfloor heating helps to reduce house dust mites which are a huge benefit to asthma patients. The moisture content in the air is very low and makes the environment of dust mites and other crawlies too warm and dry to live and breed in.

These are the main reasons why many homes feature the in-floor heating system design. It is the best choice for homes looking to manage their energy consumption effectively and enjoy a good standard of overall comfort.

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