Very Clogged Toilet

A very clogged toilet is the most irritating of all the plumbing problems that can arise in your house. These clogs and blockages can occur due to a variety of reasons. And in order to find a solution for this issue, you first need to understand the cause of it. Below are the top reasons why you may have a very clogged toilet.

Older, Low Flow Toilets

Older, first-generation, low flow toilets don’t have the necessary pressure to clear the waste entirely. The S-trap and the waste drains don’t get completely cleared due to low pressure. This situation leads to very clogged toilets and even waste backflow. If you do not know how old your toilet is, look at the back of your toilet for a stamped date. If your toilet was manufactured between the 1990s and 2000, you have a weak toilet. You can either keep toilet papers away from your toilet or simply replace your toilet to solve this recurring issue.

Flushing Items That You Shouldn’t

This is one of the prime reasons why you frequently have a very clogged toilet. You may unknowingly flush things that don’t belong in your toilets such as paper towels, tampons, sanitary pads, and the biggest culprit – hair. Also, your kids may throw their toys or stationery in the toilet. These items get flushed from the toilet but not into the sewer line. These bigger items clog the toilets and cause nasty blockages and backflows.

Hard Water Supply

Yes, hard water supply to your house is bad for your toilets too. The minerals and sediments can settle in the S-trap of your toilet and also get deposited on the walls of your toilet plumbing pipes. Generally whitish, these deposits of minerals narrow down the passage of waste flow and reduce the speed of waste flushing out. The number of minerals in hard water can affect the rate at which your toilets will be clogged.

Tree Roots in the System

If you have an old house with a full-grown tree in or around your property, you can face a plumbing nightmare. Roots of old plants and trees can grow and destruct your plumbing system and sewer line under the ground. The roots can even grow inside the pipes as they get excessive nutrients from the human waste. These roots will block your sewer line and prevent any waste or water from flowing further into the public sewage line. This is one of the major reasons why older homes have to deal with waste backflow and very clogged toilets.

You can take a look at your home plumbing system to identify the exact cause of your very clogged toilet. Accordingly, you can take precautions to prevent future blockages. And for the current clogged toilet situation, call our professional plumbers in Edmonton to unclog your toilet.

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