Is the low water pressure problem in your house bugging you? Many homeowners suffer from this problem simply because they don’t know what the problem is. Low water pressure makes the daily home activities boring and time-consuming. It will be much easier to solve the issue of low water pressure once you get to know what’s causing it.
Low water pressure might occur because of various reasons. Some of the reasons that lead to low water pressure are given below.
Water leaks

One of the major reasons that lead to low water pressure in the house is water leakage. If the pipe is damaged, that will result in a leak, which will further lead to low water pressure. Most of the leaks can be fixed. You need to contact an expert plumber to solve the problem of water leakage as it is resulting in low water pressure in your home. Apart from leading to low water pressure in the house, the water leaks also contribute to higher electricity bills.

Main water valves

Another factor that leads to low water pressure in the house is partially or completely turned off main water valve. If the valve is even slightly turned from the “on” position, it might cause the problem of low water pressure. If you are not sure of where the main water valves are located in your home, you must call an expert plumber who will be able to sort the problem.

Mineral deposits

Older homes tend to have mineral deposits in their water supply. Homes that are galvanized with iron pipes might also have mineral deposits on them over a period of time. The hot water reacting with the galvanized metal causes a mineral build up. These deposits are normally located in the horizontal pipes. If you think that the low water pressure in your home is caused because of the mineral build up on the pipes, you should contact your professional plumber to solve the problem.

Faulty hardware

You might experience low water pressure only at certain areas in your home. The reason behind this could be that the hardware is faulty. For example, if you experience low water pressure only in the shower and nowhere else, it might be that the shower pores are clogged. You should consider cleaning the shower just by scrubbing it with a brush. If the problem continues to persist, you might want to call a plumber.
Having known these factors, you might be able to deal with the problem of low water pressure in your house. If not, calling up an expert plumber will help you out.

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