When you have had two bowls of chicken, you do happen to clog your own toilet. This does not happen on a regular basis. But, if toilet clogging is an everyday problem at your home than there is definitely some problem with your toilet and not with your system. Toilet clogging is awkward and can get embarrassing at times. So the question you may be asking is “How to prevent toilet clog?”

You have to doubt gravity when waste doesn’t go down the toilet,but, it has nothing to do with gravity. There are many reasons that might cause toilet clog. Here’s the answer to why your toilet keeps clogging.

Low flow toilet

​The main and simple reason for a toilet clog can be because the toilet has become aged. The older the toilet, the weaker the flush system.. The older toilets have a low flow whereas the latest ones come with a dual flow. The dual-flow toilets have more water pressure. So, it’s time to upgrade to the dual-flow toilets if you haven’t already.

Blocked traps

Disposing of toilet papers and other matter in the toilet is a big no-no as it usually gets stuck in the s-shaped trap. Often, we prefer to throw garbage down the toilet, instead of using a dustbin. This could be tissue paper, hair, pads and more. However, you prevent toilet clogs by not doing such a thing. Toilet papers and much waste don’t go down your plumbing system and can collect and clog in your pipe.

Empty tank

You need to look into the tank to make sure that the water is filled upto the line. If it is not filled you need to make some adjustments with the float so that there is an increase in the flow of the water. If that does solve the problem, you need to have your toilet tank checked with a professional plumber.


One might face this problem after a party because many guests have used the toilet. This problem could not always be fixed at home so one has to call a plumber when in such situation.

Toilet clogs can be prevented but if it does happen, you don’t need to panic. Clearing toilet clogs can be easy once you know the reason for the clog. And it might also happen that you are unable to find out the reason for the clog in which case you could always call up Edmonton plumbing services.

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