A question we get asked time and again is “Why should I opt for a licensed plumber?” There are a number of plumbers and plumbing businesses that run without a license. Customers do have the option to hire to such non-licensed plumbers.

In response to just that question, we have crafted this post. Here are the advantages of licensed plumbers.


Have no doubt about it, licensed plumbers know their trade. They had to take a course to get the license. No matter the plumbing problem at hand, you can be sure the plumber can manage it. The key to fixing any plumbing problem is to assess it right and that’s what a skilled plumber does.


What is professionalism? Coming at a time of your convenience, arriving on time and not doing a half job.
Good professionalism means that you are treated quite fairly as a customer. You are not lied to and the plumber does exactly what was promised. Nothing more or less.

Legal Permit

A licensed plumber is legally allowed to practice his trade in the province. While this may seem like a small aspect for a customer, it does makes a difference. For example, would you want an unlicensed lawyer to represent your case or a licensed one? The answer is pretty obvious.

​A licensed plumber works within the legalities of the government. This includes charging taxes for your payment.


Just in case there is a problem or issue even after servicing your plumbing, you may want to call the plumber back. Because the plumber is a registered and licensed service, the plumber will still be there tomorrow or even a month after the project.

Dangers of Hiring a non-Licensed Plumber

And if you decide to hire a non-licensed plumber, what are you at the risk of?

  • No guarantee of a good job
  • Hiring a non-licensed plumber is illegal
  • Incorrect installation and repairs will lead to making the problem more severe
  • You can be subjected to unethical behavior such as lying and cheating

Play it safe when you hire a plumber and opt for a licensed one. While hiring a non-licensed plumber may look like you are saving money, you are not.

​Pro Plumbing is a licensed plumbing service that has been serving the residents of Edmonton for over the past decade. Our skilled work and professionalism have earned us the trust and loyalty of all our customers.

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