In a typical Edmonton household, drain clogging is a common problem. No matter how careful you are with your plumbing, you drains have a tendency to clog sooner or later. You may try using the DIY techniques to clean your drains but those aren’t permanent solutions. Moreover, they cannot really unclog your mail line. Hydro jetting is the best environment friendly solution for removing stubborn clogs effectively. Let us understand what is hydro jetting, how it can benefit your home and why we think it’s awesome!

What is hydro jetting?

Hydro jetting is a new method of cleaning the pipe interior with high-pressure jets of water that blasts away buildup, clogs and debris. A hydro jet looks like a hose and it is connected to a very powerful nozzle. It pushes out large amounts of water at very high pressure. The amount of pressure can sometimes reach around 35,000psi, which is very powerful. After the nozzle is put into the drain, it is pushed down as far as necessary, and then the water is forced through the pipe. Hydro jets can be rented from a hardware shop but avoid doing it yourself. If you make a mistake you might end up damaging or breaking a pipe.

How it works?

Hydro jet works on the bases of force and pressure. When you call a qualified plumber, he will inspect the clogged drain with a camera to get a precise idea of what he is dealing with, where the clog is and looks for signs of pipe damage. Hydro jetting cannot be done in a damaged pipe because the pressure can break it. He will then give you options for unclogging. If there are roots, they will have to be broken down with an auger snake. After that, your pipe will be blasted with high pressured water. This high pressured water takes away all the grim and debris on its way and completely cleans the pipes. Other methods of drain unclogging are not as efficient as a hydro jet.

Advantages of Hydro jetting:

  • Environment friendly and does not use any harmful chemicals
  • Cleans the drain completely so it doesn’t clog again for a very long time, which isn’t the case with other means of unclogging
  • It can clean unreachable turns and areas which cannot be cleaned by other ways.
  • It’s a very effective method of getting rid of tree roots in your drain.
  • Saves a lot of money on calling plumber again and again for unclogging drains.

If you are facing clogged drains, it is time to get a hydro jetting done. For professional services at good prices contact Pro Plumbing. Hydro jetting is a very effective long term solution for which we think it’s totally awesome!

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