That high-pressure shower you take every morning could cost you a lot in the long run. Confused? That is because the high water pressure deals a lot of damage to your domestic plumbing fixtures which are not built to operate at water pressures above 80 psi. The water pressure of the water coming from your municipal water supply could sometimes be as high as 150 psi. Bad water pressure in the house can cause a whole slew of plumbing and other problems in your house. Still not convinced? Well, continue reading this post to find out more about the causes of bad water pressure and how to fix them.

Causes of bad water pressure

If you live in a low-lying area, the high water pressure could be naturally caused due to the water flowing downhill and gaining momentum on the way.

Another reason could be the high water pressure setting maintained by your water supplier to provide for water needs in the high-rise buildings and fire hydrants.

Maintenance work on the plumbing system could lead to air entrapment in your pipes causing temporary high water pressure

High water pressure could also be caused by a thermal expansion in your home due to water heaters

Effects of high water pressure

High water pressure can cause a lot of damage to your pipes and other fixtures. Leaking is the most common problem caused by the high water pressure.

Running toilets is another major plumbing problem caused by high water pressure.

Your water based appliances could suffer the most due to bad water pressure in the house. The life of your water heater, washing machine, and dishwasher could be drastically shortened owing to high water pressure. In some exceptional cases, it can also cause your water heater to explode.

Pipes could be making a clattering noise caused by a condition known as water hammer effect. Sometimes, your pipes could burst as well.

Solution to the problem

Have your local Edmonton plumber install a water pressure regulator to reduce the pressure of the water entering your domestic plumbing system.

Also, get a water pressure gauge installed by a certified plumber. This tells you at what pressure the water is running and can be used to make modifications to the water pressure.

Replace your old pressure regulator if it is older than 10 years with a new one.

Get your copper pipes replaced with steel braided pipes to prevent any leaks in future.

Install quarter turn ball valves and you will never experience a clogged toilet again.

Reducing the water pressure in your home can save you heaps on the water bill and on repair for broken plumbing fixtures. Regulating the water pressure to the optimum level can save your appliances from failing prematurely. Talk to your local Edmonton plumber today to save yourself from avoidable plumbing accidents.

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