Water is an essential necessity. It’s a known fact, yet we have millions of people around the globe deprived of clean water. Considering all this, we have been really lucky to have clean drinking water coming out of our taps all year around. Generally the sign of clean drinking water is that is clear water and is colorless and odorless. But, what if you started getting brown colored water out of your tap! That will definitely be concerning. And, what can you do about it? We’ll be answering such questions and more in this blog.


  • What does the brown colored water indicates?

Generally the color of the water indicates the water content, in this particular case, the brown color indicates the water has a high content of iron and magnesium. So, when you turn your faucets on and find brown colored water flowing from it– it has been contaminated.

  • Possibility of rust?

Iron is a naturally occurring mineral in soil, so if you have an underground water supply then, this might be the case.

But another prominent cause for receiving brown water from your taps is a rust stricken pipe. Constant pressure fluctuations in the pipe, which generally happens when the water supply is turned on and off, loosens the rust clinging on to the pipe. The rust coming in contact with the pipe turns the water brown, and so it goes. This rust may make your water brownish-reddish.

  • Are there any health hazards associated with it?

The contamination from iron doesn’t necessarily make the water harmful to drink. On the contrary, these elements are essential for your body to function well on a regular basis. So, no, brown water coming out of your tap won’t harm your health. But, there’s is no reason to celebrate or become complacent and neglect the problem in hand. Rust is a serious issue as it is a breeding ground for various forms of bacteria, which can cause some serious illness. Also, build up of rust will eventually corrode your pipes, causing them to crack or bursts. Leaky pipes are major structural hazard that you can’t ignore at home. So, get in touch with a certified plumber, do not procrastinate.


  • How to get rid of it?

To get rid of the brown water you will have to get to the root cause of the problem. For instance, if you get brown water only from your water heater then you know where to look. You will have to replace your water heater, in this scenario. But if both cold and hot water are turning out to be broken, then the source of the problem may lie in the main supply line. The only way to get rid of the problem would be to get in touch with a certified plumber to get you existing pipes replaced.

The above points should have given you a fair idea as to why you are dealing with brown colored water and what should you do about it. In case you want to know more about any of the afore mentioned points or if you are out, looking for a certified plumbing company then, get in touch withPro Plumbing. They are the best that you can find in Edmonton and you will surely get your problem solved in absolutely no time.

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