Although hard water is generally safe to use, machines and detergents don’t gel well with hard water. If your house hold is suffering from hard water issues then installing a water softener is a no brainer. In this article we will be exploring the benefits of having a water softener installed at your place. Let’s get started!


  1. Your glassware and silverware is cleaner and shiner

Hard water makes your glasses cloudy and your silverware crusty. This is due to the minerals present in hard water which reacts with glass and silver. The minerals in hard water are left behind when the water evaporates and you are left with crusts and spots on your utensils. Don’t worry though, these minerals are non-toxic.

2. Makes you hair and skin better

Hard water does not gel well with soaps and detergents, so every time you shampoo your hair, hard water makes it difficult to wash your hair properly. The effectiveness of soap decreases when it’s being used with hard water. A soft water will allow that soap and detergent to gel well and you won’t have to face the trouble of your soap and shampoo not forming enough lather.

3. Reduced Soap Curd

Water softener reduces the household work by eliminating the formation of soap curd. Soap curd, also known as soap scum, is a white solid that results from the addition of soap to water. It generally happens because the calcium and magnesium ions react with the fatty acid component of the soap. Over time, soap curd will build up in your shower, tub and bathroom. It’s unhygienic and attracts harmful molds and bacteria.

4. Longer Life for all your water using equipments

Soft water prolongs the life of all water using equipments. Appliances that use hard water have to work harder. Appliances like coffee-maker, dishwashers and water heater suffer from decreased efficiency and reduced shell life when used with hard water. A water heater protected by a water softening system will also reduce the yearly energy cost of that appliance by 22%-29%.

5. Fabrics will last longer

Hard water is not good for your fabrics. Soft water allows your fabric to retain its softness when washed.

The above points must have surely convinced you of the great benefits a water softener will bring you, not only that you will also end up saving money by prolonging the life of your water appliance devices. If you want to get a water softener installed or want to discuss any of the above points in greater detail then get in touch with Pro Plumbing.

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