How many of us have experienced uneven forces of water in the shower, through the faucets or with the garden hose? I bet the answer is too many! Seldom would you think about it. We just ignore it and move about with our lives. But, if you think about it you will realize – High water pressure is a cause of lot of problems. It makes your plumbing work more than its capacity and weakens it. Statistics suggest that most of the untimely damage and leaks in pipes are caused by high water pressure. Be a smart home owner and take necessary steps to always keep your water pressure in check.

Test water pressure

Most municipal lines supply water at 100 psi and sometimes even 150 psi. They have their reasons for reaching to higher buildings or fire hydrants. However, 80 psi water is optimum for your household. Any pressure above that is harmful for your plumbing. You must check the water pressure at your mainline with help of a water gauge meter. They are affordable and easily available in any hardware store. If you aren’t sure how to do it yourself, you can also seek help from a certified plumbing service.

Get a pressure regulator

If you know that the water pressure in your house is uneven, you must get a pressure regulator installed. It is a small device fitted in your meter which will regulate the pressure. It will absorb all the high pressure and convert the water into a homogenous flow of 80 psi. It will protect your supply line and all subsequent lines from getting work out too quickly.

Look at the advantages

There are many advantages of getting a pressure regulator and maintaining proper pressure in your plumbing.

  • Increases the life of your piping
  • Protects your washing machines, dishwasher and other appliances
  • Protects water heater parts from getting damaged
  • Saves bathroom fittings like faucets and shower heads from wear and tear of high pressure.
  • Decreases plumbing cost by preventing leaks in pipes.

Now, you understand how important it is to get a pressure regulator. A pressure regulator undergoes lot of stress in a day so it gets worn out and sometimes might not function so well. But you wouldn’t want to put your plumbing at a risk of high pressure. Therefore, you must check your water pressure regularly with a gauge and replace your pressure regulator if it isn’t doing a good job.

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