Why your hot water is letter you down?

Hot water system in any Edmonton household is very important. Water heaters are fairly simple appliances to operate, but a lot of people struggle with their water heaters. Either the water is scalding hot or not cold enough. And, sometimes the water starts running cold out of the blue. At other times, you might have to wait long for the hot water to start running and that is a lot of wastage of water and time. Eventually, instead of your shower being relaxing and refreshing, it ends up making you agitated. You don’t have to live with this discomfort. You should try to understand what is not right with your heater and take rectifying measures.


Your tank water heater is fitted with two thermostats, one on the top, and another at bottom of your heater tank. The one at the top monitors the heat of the water and sends out hot water, while the one on the bottom, keeps the heat going until water in the entire tank is equally hot.

Now, if you are getting you are getting long periods of cold water in between periods of hot water, it is probably because your top thermostat has burned out or isn’t working properly. If you are getting not-so-hot water over all, it means that both your thermostats are not working as they should.

Thermostats are easily replaceable parts however you should not try to do it yourself. Incorrect installation can cause more problems later.

Anode Road:

All water heaters are fitted with Anode rods in their tanks. When mineral rich water enters the tank, the minerals react with the ions on Anode rod. Hence preventing corrosion in the tank.This anode rods need to be checked regularly and should be replaced when needed.

When you suddenly see reddish brown water coming out of your shower heads or faucets, it is a sign that your Anode rod is worn out long back and now your tank is rusting. Never use that brown colored water for any purpose, it can be very bad for your health.

Get your heater inspected and cleaned. If the damage isn’t too much you can get your anode rod replaced and your water heater will be fine.


To ensure that you get clean hot water all the time you must pay attention to cleaning the tank every two years. However, flushing your water heater is a complicated task for which you must take professional help.

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