Having no water in your tap can be an excruciatingly frustrating. There is no denying the fact that having no water leads to all your household chores coming to a standstill. But all is not lost, getting to know the reasons leading to this abrupt shortage of supply in water or having absolutely no water can help us deal with the situation and prepare us better if the problem reoccurs.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons, responsible for tap running dry;


  1. Plumbing job gone wrong

Sometimes, a plumbing work can occasionally cause some unwarranted issues with your water supply. If you have got a plumbing job done, then that might be culprit. If your mains fed tap’s water pressure normal, while the tap of the internal water tank is not, then you should get in touch with your plumber.

2. Trapped Air

Air generally gets in due to some interruption in water supply. Trapped air gets into the pipe and obstructs water flow which might in some cases lead to no water supply.

3. Pipe Bursts

If your main water pipe is not providing any water, then you need to check your main lines for any leaks or bursts. If that’s the case then getting in touch with an authorized plumber is your only resort.

4. No power

Having no power might be responsible for having no water in your taps. This is more common in areas affected by extreme weather conditions. This can be dealt with having a backup power supply unit, so that you can keep your motor running even when dealing with hostile weather conditions.

5. Shared water supply

If your property gets it water through a shared water supply unit may have to deal with water disruption if there is a problem at one of the distribution lines. Properties, which share water supply, may include houses along the same road, units in the industrial area or flats in the same building. Sometimes it could also be due to some plumbing work being conducted on neighboring property.

The above points provide you with some good reference points as to why you may be not having water in your taps. Plumbing consists of complex interconnected systems, so there could be n number of things that could go wrong for you not having any water in your taps. If you are going through a water crisis, or if there is abnormally low water pressure in your taps, get in touch with Pro Plumbing. They have an emergency repair service that you can use.

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