Your toilet isn’t a dustbin and it isn’t a garbage disposal either! Toilets are not magic bowls that make stuff disappear. They are meant to dispose of human waste and toilet paper only. Do a small test at home.

– Take a bowl of water.

– Put in anything that you think is fit to flush down your toilet. Like a facial tissue or paper napkin.

– Let it rest for 1 hr.

– Now notice after 1 hr. has the thing disintegrated into water?

– If not, it is not fit to be flushed down your toilet.

There are time kids aren’t aware and they end up stuffing the toilet. So, from very early age educate your children and your family about things that shouldn’t be put down toilet.

Here is the list of things you wouldn’t want to go down your toilet.




Never flush down food. It takes a long time for food to disintegrate. It will get stuck somewhere in your pipe and decay. This will also create unpleasant smell and encourage fungus and bacteria growth. No food includes even oils or fats. These will solidify in the outside cold and create clogs.

Wipes and more:

We know on packets of some wipes it reads that they are flushable. Trust our years of experience – they aren’t! You can flush them, but they will clog. That is what they should be printing! Also, no diapers or feminine hygiene products should go down the toilet, none whatsoever. Cotton ear swabs might appear tiny and harmless, but they too shouldn’t go down the toilet. Same is true for cigarette butts. Over time, these products will clog your pipe.

Hair and Floss:

Hair and floss makes icky tangles and don’t go down the drain easily. Don’t put any kind of hair, yours nor your pets down the toilet. Avoid throwing down small plastic bits and Band-Aids too. Unless you like to work out with a plunger once in a while!


Chemicals in the form of cleaners and clog removers should be avoided. These are acidic in nature and will corrode your pipes and causes leaks.


For a period of time it was thought to be ok to flush down medicines in toilet. But they are chemicals and a lot of them aren’t bio degradable. They dissolve with water and do untold harm. Though it is not going to clog your toilet, you should still refrain from flushing medicines down your toilet. You don’t want to kill all the good bacteria in your septic tank.

Cultivate a healthy habit in your family. Keep a dustbin inside the bathroom in which you can throw all the above mentioned things. Save your toilet from clogging and save yourself a lot of trouble. Even after all the precaution for some unforeseeable reason your toilet did get clogged, call Pro Plumbing. They will take care of your problem immediately. You can expect the most affordable and professional plumbing service from Pro Plumbing.

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